Leanachan Red loop

  • Location: Nevis Range and Leanachan Forest
  • Starting Point: Nevis Range
  • Trail Length: 7k
  • Time Required: 40 minutes
  • Route Type:
    1. Cross Country
  • Difficulty:
    1. Intermediate
  • Grade: moderate
  • O.S. Map: Witch's trail map
  • Parking: Nevis Range (or North face if you want to reverse it)

Trail Description:

There are many different loops you can do in Leanachan and this is an interesting one with only one really tricky bit (which you are allowed to walk if you want) and enough challenging stuff to test you and your bike.

Start at the Witch's trail sign on the uphill side of the carpark and ride the berminator to warm up, then go West along the forest road to the first left turn where you can either do the 'big up'(if you are a masochist) or stick to the forest road. Do not continue up the 'lazy K' but go right (Westwards) along the 'red' puggy line for 2 km where again you have the choice to climb up to the left and do the 'cackle' or miss this by dropping down to the right onto 'Nessie' (this is where you are allowed to get off!).

Once over Nessie's humps go East along the forest road for a hundred metres and then turn left onto a single track contour trail that you can follow through the woods to (an optional) river crossing. Continue through the climbers carpark on the singletrack. There are ups and downs, a bit of boardwalk, some bermie bits, the Witch's trail dyke and eventually a T junction (congratulate yourself if you have made it to here without putting your foot down).

Turn left, through the hole in the wall, round a sandy berm onto a bridge and then go right along a narrow fire road that brings you back to Nevis Range for a cup of tea and a scone before you go off and do a different loop or do it again.

Riders Reviews:

Chris Hawkes

I thought that this was a great trail I'd recommend it to anyone !!

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