Lochaline Forest and Post Ride

  • Location: Ardnamurchan and Morvern
  • Starting Point: Lochaline pier
  • Trail Length: approx 40 miles
  • Time Required: Day Ride
  • Route Type:
    1. Cross Country
    2. Family / Recreational
    3. Road
  • Difficulty:
    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced
  • Grade:
  • O.S. Map: OS Landranger 47 & 49
  • Parking: At start

Trail Description:

Lochaline is a little over 30 miles from Corran and yet is seldom visited by many riders, even the Fort William locals) as it�s just too far off the beaten track. Little do they know what they�re missing! There�s plenty of tracks to explore and an O.S. map (sheets 49 & possibly 47 will help). My favourite provides a mix of tarmac and dirt and has 2 big climbs and 2 equally big descents. At about 40 miles round, it�s caught a few �fit� riders by surprise.
All Lochaline based rides should start and finish with a mug of tea and a bacon buttie at the catering van at the ferry jetty and fortunately there�s plenty of parking here. From here find the B849 to Drimnin. The road is virtually traffic free and on a good day the views along the Sound of Mull are fantastic.

It�s about 10 miles to the small village at the end. Before the end of the tarmac turn right and follow the dirt track up and past the house at Mungosdail.
After the house there�s a forest gate. Carry on through this and along the forest road, gently climbing as you go. Look out for a green path on the left (GR 583534). This is the old post route over the hill and despite what your lungs and legs may tell you it is rideable to the edge of the forest, just short of the top.

Once through the forest gate, head to the top of the hill. The track is vague on the descent - you need to head for the next forest gate on the other side of the hill, slightly off to the left. Careful with your navigation in low cloud! This usually involves some good route finding through the bracken and sheep tracks and the occasional journey over the bars. Once you�ve reached the gate (GR602551) there�s an ancient track which gives a great descent (particularly when dry) to the forest road at Loch Teacuis.

Turn right and follow the forest road, then tarmac to Loch Arienas. Just before the tarmac leaves the loch side you can pick up the Forest Enterprise marked route through the Savary Glen. This starts with a long gradual climb over 8km to the top of the glen at around 300m. The track branches left off the forest road and descends through the trees back to the B849. If you�re still going, turn left and hobble the short distance back to Lochaline for another visit to the catering van.

Riders Reviews:

Thanks to Ed Daynes of the Clachaig Inn for recommending this ride and writing the trail description.

Update January 06.  The catering caravan on the pier has become a wooden building with room inside to shelter and keep warm while savouring the Bacon rolls with the addition of tomatoes and Stornoway Black Pudding.

Lots of rides to be done now from Lochaline.  Pick up a new Sunart Oakwoods leaflet with details.

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