The Cour Loop, Leanachan

  • Location: Nevis Range and Leanachan Forest
  • Starting Point: Nevis Range
  • Trail Length: 14km
  • Time Required: 1 hr 15
  • Route Type:
    1. Cross Country
    2. Family / Recreational
  • Difficulty:
    1. Intermediate
  • Grade: Easy
  • O.S. Map: Witch's Trails (pick up from Nevis Range)
  • Parking: Nevis Range Car park

Trail Description:

There is nothing technical about this route but it is quite a long way, so you do want to be reasonably fit. There are some picnic spots in lay-bys with fantastic views of the Grey Corries so taking a snack is a good excuse to stop.

From Nevis Range, go Eastwards under the gondola line and follow the forest road up a hill for over a kilometre then turn left at the next junction. There is more hill before you tunr left aong a forest road which you follow for nearly 3 km. After the road sweeps left then right through a sort of quarry (actually the spill from a tunnel which takes water through the mountain!) you turn sharply right onto a narrow built bike track which climbs the hill in a couple of sharp switch backs onto the puggy line.

Following this track for a about 5 km brings you over a wooden bridge - by turning left you are heading back along the forest roads to Nevis Range (left, straight across a cross roads, right at the next juntion and left at the final cross roads brings you back to the road you started on).

Alternatively, if you are feeling ready for more there is a network of trails at theis end of the forest to be explored!

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